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At D.E. Williams Shields we are dedicated to providing the Fire industry with the finest quality products available. The badges we offer on our website are strictly for use in the Fire industry. Therefore, we WILL NOT accept orders for badges that refer to any type of State, County, Federal, or Government law enforcement agency.

This includes but is not limited to:

Police, Sheriff, Trooper, Marshal, Officer, Constable, Highway Patrol, District Attorney, Judge, Parole, Probation, Peace Officer, Corrections, Patrolman, Homeland Security, or Transit Authority, or US Marshal.

Also, any badge that refers to Schools. This includes but is not limited to Campus Security, School Guard, Truant Officer, and University Security.

Any badge with a Federal Seal.

Any other badge that we suspect may be ordered by an unauthorized person(s) or where we feel that the wording can be used to impersonate any of the job titles listed above. We reserve the right to terminate that order.

Furthermore, we also reserve the right to cancel any order without cause. Orders canceled without cause will be fully refunded. The law prohibits the fraudulent use of any badge or identification. Purchase of any products from D.E. Williams Shields does not constitute permission to use the item. Any use is done solely at the responsibility of the purchaser.



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